I’m Sarah: a dedicated physician, coach, and career mentor. I'm here to support you in building a reality where you never have to choose between a successful career and leading a fulfilling life.

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Not too long ago, I was a practicing physician who ran her own family practice. Up until the pandemic, I juggled life as a professional, a wife and parent who, maybe like you, worked herself into the ground to the point of becoming wildly out of touch with many of the things most important to me.

More than that, I realized that I was OVER the hustle culture that is so prevalent in today’s world.

Ever since I said goodbye to that life, I’ve felt compelled to share my story to give others the strength to make the decisions they need to live the life they truly desire (and to also help them figure out what that life is!)

You deserve to truly enjoy the life you've worked so hard to create, whether in your current career or by exploring a different path. It's time to uncover your true self and pursue a values-based life that you LOVE. Not the person others want you to be, but the most authentic version of yourself.

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