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  I'm Dr. Sarah Lea


Former #TeamNoSleep Physician, Turned Executive Coach & Career Mentor.

I’m here to support you in building a reality where you never have to choose between a successful career & leading a fulfilling life.

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Not too long ago, I was a practicing physician who ran her own family practice. Up until the pandemic, I juggled life as a professional, a wife, a parent, and a business-owner who, maybe like you, worked herself into the ground to the point of becoming wildly out of touch with many of the things most important to me.


It wasn’t until starting a community for moms with my good friend Alicia that I realized how much I loved connecting with people on a wider level — and also learned about how important time freedom was for me.


More than that, I realized that I was OVER the hustle culture that is so prevalent in today’s world.


Through the support of my husband, friends, and a physician coach, I made the difficult decision to close my family practice to spend more time with my children.

Ever since I said goodbye to that life, I’ve felt compelled to share my story to give others the strength to make the decisions they need to live the life they truly desire (and also to help them figure out what that life is!)

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Here’s what’s possible when you gain abundance & clarity in your life, inside and outside of your career…

"The opportunity for coaching with Sarah enabled me to establish clarity on job decisions that are unique to physicians. I highly recommend Sarah for those who are looking for support to achieve their individual goals."



— A.S. Specialist Physician



“I've been working with Sarah for the last four months and she has been instrumental in helping me find clarity and a path forward on some difficult issues.

She asks thoughtful and sometimes provocative questions that challenge my thinking and force me to get real about what's really going on.

In addition to being an excellent physician, entrepreneur and mom of three boys, she is fully present as an authentic and effective coach.

Her infectious energy and passion for making the world a better place come through loud and clear in her coaching. Thank you, Sarah - each session with you has been time well spent.”



— Tyann | Director, BC Public Service

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Life is too short, the world is too small, and you are too brave, smart, and valuable to spend one more second of worrying about what other people think of you.


I wholeheartedly believe that you are worthy of living a rich, abundant life. That you are worthy of tapping into your feminine power. And that you are worthy of prioritizing yourself, without guilt and shame.

Now, it’s time for you to learn how to believe in that yourself!

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